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Bigger Doors Required!

Obesity in America

I recently started reading NPR’s Obesity Series.  Among other utterly amazing and terrifying statistics on diet and obesity was one which visually blew my mind – such as the average revolving door has over time been revised from 10 to 12 feet!  While I’m a visual person and envisioning that drove a point home for me, perhaps the numbers might mean more to others.  Here are some shocking ones:

  • In 2010 there were over 72 million obese Americans
  • In 2010 the amount of money lost annually attributed to obesity was $4,879 for women and $2,644

While us CalorieKing members have already decided to embrace the idea of healthier living, it’s clear that many of our fellow Americans have not.   It’s not easy to be mindful of what you eat when you are served over-sized portions everywhere from movie theatres to coffee shops, and often the calorie rich, processed, unhealthy choices are the easiest to access – and the cheapest.  And exercise?  With more and more of us leading sedentary lifestyles and chasing busy schedules it can be easy to rationalize that there just isn’t time to squeeze in time for a walk or to hit the gym.  Stress and eating triggers are everywhere.

It started me thinking, how do we get the message out there?  How do we let people know that even taking one small step every day to change a diet or fitness habit is a positive start?  I think it is time for us all to start talking about the positive changes we’ve felt even with just the small changes in our weight and overall health.  Even if you are like me and you are at a plateau or you haven’t met your goal, you are still a success because you have acknowledged you want to be healthier and you are taking steps to get there.

It’s widely known that those with a supportive community around them are more likely to be successful in their weight loss goals.  So as CalorieKing members let’s become health evangelists – we all know someone who may be struggling and needs a buddy.  Or, perhaps you know someone who is trying to be supportive of someone who needs to shed weight and needs to know how they can be helpful.  Let’s draw on our experiences as those who have been on the journey and pay it forward to someone else with our best advice, shoulders to lean on when there are challenges, and pats on the back with the when there are successes.

Get started by telling us your thoughts on the alarming statistics in the NPR report and share your motivation and tips for how to get someone started.

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