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I Still Can’t Believe This is Me!

A lot of us struggle with motivation and that nagging plateau or external challenge that gets in the way of our weight loss goals.  I wanted to post a Q&A I had with a fellow CalorieKing member who had an amazing weight loss of 115 lbs. to remind us that there IS light at the end of the tunnel.  Sit back and read the words from “J” – who had two very good reasons to lose weight; when you read his story I hope you’ll remember your reason for losing weight and feel a renewed inspiration towards meeting that goal.

What led you to the realization you needed to lose weight and get healthier?
My wife was pregnant with our second child and I wanted to get healthy for my children. I wanted to make sure that I set a good example for them and could be the best dad possible. By improving my health, I wanted to help ensure that I would be around for them as they grow up.

Did you try a variety of diets before CalorieKing – or what was it that led you to CalorieKing?
I never really tried fad diets because I knew they weren’t the solution. I had to change my mindset before pursuing a real diet plan. I think that is the key to success, and was definitely what worked for me.

Was the process an easy one for you to learn and follow?
The CalorieKing process is very simple and the website is extremely user friendly. It helps to foster repetition and accountability. It helped me to eventually be able to look in the mirror without being disgusted with myself.

How long did the overall weight loss take you?
It took me about 2 years of determination to reach my goal, and besides my children, it is by far my greatest accomplishment in life. I am still amazed that this is me.

What was your food weakness?
I love pizza and throughout the program I still ate it once a week. With regular diet and exercise, you can cheat a little. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, and this is why fad diets will eventually fail and CK can help people succeed.

How did you conquer your weakness?  Did you have a motivational mantra or a timeframe you were looking to meet?
I never conquered my weakness for pizza, because it was not a barrier to my success. I considered pizza night my reward for sticking to my diet for the other 6 days of the week.

What exercise plans worked for you?
I started running and the weight started falling off, sometimes at a rate of pounds per month. I gradually increased speed and distance, and ran 5Ks as a reward for my exercise. Now I just run for enjoyment.

How have you maintained your weight loss after all this time, and how has the weight loss changed your life?
I continue to eat well (most of the time) and exercise 2 to 3 times per week. I also chase around my kids every night which doesn’t hurt.

If you had any words of encouragement to those out there who are going through the program, what would it be?

I would tell everyone to not get discouraged if they do not experience weight loss as quickly as they would like. Willpower plays a major part – you have to want to change. . I wanted to change for my kids – which worked for me. I did not need to love myself in order to love my children and that was okay when I was obese because it was my motivator.

Now I can enjoy life a little more and be an even better father.

Thanks so much “J” for taking the time to remind us that the most basic things can be the biggest reasons to make a change.  We are so proud of you!  Come on fellow CalorieKing members – share YOUR story with us as well!