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My Fitness Coach

Eileen and Molly

Eileen and Her Fitness Coach

Let’s face it, making changes to your lifestyle habits can be really hard.  It’s always helpful to have someone right by your side helping you to make the right choices, motivating you and keeping your spirits up.  I am very fortunate to have a fitness coach right in my own house – her name is Molly.

Regardless of the weather, Molly wakes up every morning at 6:16.  There is never a deviation.  She springs into action and makes sure I am awake and ready to go out for a morning walk.  I used to avoid mornings like the plague, but her enthusiasm has quickly grown on me.  I often tell her as we are taking our tour around the park that I am glad we are out as I would have missed all the lovely sunrises.

Molly sets a brisk pace.  There is no dilly dallying and we get our cardio up right away.  She’s business-like in her approach to exercise and first thing in the morning she doesn’t want to stop and talk to others in the neighborhood.  Not that she doesn’t have friends mind you – she has lots of friends who regularly come up and want to have a chat, but in the early morning it is all about keeping moving.  In fact, she moves so fast that often I’m several paces behind her at all times.  She’s often quite keen to extend our walk and doesn’t hesitate to push my limits.

I’m quite lucky.  I enjoy her company so much that often I don’t remember we are exercising at all.  She’s a great listener and often as we walk I’ll bounce ideas off her – though she’s pretty quiet and admittedly more focused on our routine often her playful nature or curious pauses will make me think and lead me to solving a problem.  It’s the “what would Molly do” question.  Not even a question actually as what Molly would do is throw every ounce of life into any situation.  In fact her example goes well beyond just our morning routine.

She’s also taught me the importance of play.  There is never a day where after she’s finished her business – she works from home and she can be quite cagey about what exactly she does when we don’t see her – that she doesn’t come in and remind me to put down my laptop and take a breath of fresh air.  Even if just for a minute, a minute spent thinking of nothing more important than a good look at the garden or going for a hike is critical to your overall well being.  It seems so basic, but it is something she had to teach me – that wellness comes from a positive attitude as much as the physical.

Molly’s biggest problem is her diet.  Ever since she decided to stay with us her tendency is to want to eat more than what a reasonable calorie intake might be for her size.  Since we are all working on healthier living in my household, the rules applied to her as well and we are ALL portioning out our food.  She wasn’t happy about this to begin with – and let’s face it who isn’t?  Changing your habits is hard.  What I learned from her in this experience and through her approach to food is to just swallow that disappointment over the portion size and savor every bit I’ve got.  If your food is good, just enjoy it and move on.  You will have another meal or snack eventually.  I think that’s a pretty good outlook and it has helped me realize you just need to accept your plan and get on with it.

At the end of the day, my coach sleeps hard.  There’s a lesson learned there as well.  She never stays up late.  She’ll be asleep early so she avoids the late night snacking that would take her out of her healthy routine.  Molly appreciates a good rest and reminds me with a reproachful look if I have my laptop out later than she thinks I should, that I should be mindful of our morning walk.  She’s disciplined and she’s teaching me to rest when it’s called for instead of burning the candle at both ends.

Some of you may know that Molly is my beloved Blue Heeler.  I think it is perfectly reasonable that a dog can be a great coach for fitness or life – she amazes and teaches me every day and I’m grateful for her companionship.  My life is fuller – and definitely more fit because of her.  Thank you Molly for your love and your good example on how to embrace life.  How many of you have a supportive coach by your side – furry or otherwise?   Let’s tell their stories and salute them!

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There is nothing like unconditional love. Kisses to your loving coach Molly.