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The Motivational Tipping Point

The Motivational Tipping Point

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There is a silent partner in any diet and fitness plan.  Sure, you will be changing the food you eat and or starting back up on regular exercise.  However it is important to recognize the silent partner that makes all of this work is motivation.  You can’t make any of these changes happen unless you make a commitment to making the changes.

I’ve found motivation to be an interesting ingredient.  As I observe people in their healthy living journey – or in taking up any challenge really – I’ve realized motivation is not a fixed element.  And that’s a good thing.  The way you feel about yourself at the start – what motivates you to pick up and make a change is a need.  You NEED to make something happen.  In the case of a weight loss journey often you tell yourself, “OK, I need to eat more vegetables today,” or “I need to hit the gym.”  Your motivation is about making change, and it is and must be powerful.  You approach your tasks like a warrior and you repeat that mantra to arm yourself.

Then one day, something happens.  When you are fixing your meal or having that amazing work out, you have a sudden revelation.  It has started to become about “I can’t wait to have those roasted vegetables!” or “I’m so glad I get the time to work out today!”  Your motivation has changed from something you need to do to something you WANT to do.  Or even better, something you GET to do.  I have started to call it the “motivational tipping point.”

It can happen at any part of your journey – that moment when you recognize you are starting to feel good and the habits you had to motivate yourself to do out of need have become life-affirming, second nature habits.  Now your motivation is based on an entirely different thing – that time for health and fitness is something that’s special for you.  I love when I see others describe that feeling – I love it when I get that feeling.  It’s become something less about being motivated to do battle or to conquer something, but being motivated to keep that really great feeling.  It’s the day you started feeling great about your accomplishments physically AND mentally. Write an email or blog to yourself when you have that “AHA!” moment and tell yourself all about it – or share it in a forum so your friends can remind you of this positive step

The fact your reason for being motivated has changed doesn’t make the motivation any less strong.  Whenever you have a down day – and everyone has them – you just need to reconnect with that motivation that runs deep inside you.  If you haven’t reached that tipping point yet, don’t worry, you will.  Or, if you have had that change just remind yourself “I get to do this for ME!” and open that note you wrote to yourself or reach out to your support system.  You’ll smile and be back on track in no time.