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Weight Loss “Tricks” – My New Secret

While cruising the internet the other day I came across an item on Yahoo talking about the strange tricks that people use to curb their eating.  It ran the range from painting your kitchen blue

(apparently blue signals to the brain you aren’t hungry) to tying a belt or ribbon tightly around your waist so that as you eat you’ll feel stuffed sooner.  I thought “wow.”

These things all sounded so strange to me – especially coming from CalorieKing where we advocate a steady as she goes calories in/calories out method.  Our mantra is logging your diet and exercise, and getting to know your habits so you can change them over time rather than a quick fix or fad diet.

Then it hit me.  Even while following CalorieKing I have a trick too.  By logging how I feel when I eat I realized I had a big problem with portion control.  I went out and bought smaller plates.  Lo and behold, after a few weeks of eating out of smaller I find that smaller sizes are now an easy habit.  Even better I am getting used to the portions and feeling less hungry.  A trick I’m happy to brag about.

And then I realized we talk about other tricks all the time – ways to tweak your patterns so that you can build new healthy habits.  We’ve talked about brushing your teeth after dinner to signal that you’re done eating for the day.  We’ve discussed placing your alarm clock across the room so you are forced to get up and turn it off and go get some early morning exercise.  There are “tricks” everywhere.

We always say that people should adapt in ways that are achievable for them, as long as it is healthy.  So I stand corrected – perhaps tightening your belt would be a GREAT trick for someone as they eat.  Speaking as someone who now eats off a baby plate, I have no room for surprise anymore.

I’d love to hear what tips, tricks and motivational techniques you use to help you stick to your plan.  No matter what it is – whether you think it strange or not – it just might be that idea someone was looking for!

6 Responses to Weight Loss “Tricks” – My New Secret

giant twist comfort cs

November 15, 2011 at 5:52 pm

I agree completely with what you said. Wonderful Stuff. Maintain it going..

I have found that weighing myself daily WORKS! Some people say that it is obsessive, but since I have incorporated that one technique into my life, I have not gain any of my weight back in over 5 years. I am one of the 5% who has kept a significant amount of weight off (60 pounds) and not gained an ounce of it back. Weighing myself on a regular basis is good for me because I have avoided “weight creep.” If I gain 5 pounds, I immediately catch it.

I Find I crave carbs when the weather is cold and I am “stuck” inside. If I track my carbs I actually do better. Also exercise seems to help reduce my cravings. Thank goodness for gyms and exercise DVD’s.

I made a commitment to only watch my favorite tv shows if I use the elliptical machine the whole time I watch an episode, so I burn 450 calories during a 45 minute recorded show (skip the commercials). If you don’t have a exercise machine, you can march/jog in place or do exercises while watching.

Hi Anne – GREAT tips for us. Thanks so much for sharing and kudos for keeping up with your goals! Cheers ~ Leenie, CK Staff

Thanks for all the information!