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Ask The Calorie King!

For those of you who may be new to CalorieKing, Allan Borushek a.k.a The Calorie King is a dietitian with over 30 years experience in clinical dietetics and community health education.  He is best

The Calorie King

Allan Borushek, The Calorie King

known for his famous Calorie Counter books.

It is his passion for nutrition and health education that brought CalorieKing to life, and he has educated millions of people on smart food and lifestyle choices.

We know there is nothing like getting answers straight from the Calorie King himself – and there is nothing he likes better than hearing directly from all of you!

Please submit your questions for the Calorie King via the comment section on this page.  The Calorie King will choose several questions – or categories of similar questions – to answer each month.

Allan looks forward to hearing from you!

5 Responses to Ask The Calorie King!

Why don’t you offer CK for android phones? I would love to start using it again.

Hi Sherry! Thanks for taking the time to check in with us. Our team is working on a variety of improvements and as soon as I have word on what they develop I’ll share with you all first thing! Cheers ~ Leenie, CK Staff

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I saw your book on Amazon and was very impressed! I went to a local bookstore to purchase it, but they only had the small “pocket size” book. I have limited vision and often buy Large Print, but don’t really want to buy that version because as you know, the book gets bigger and too heavy to read and locate different foods. Can you generally tell me, is the regular size book pretty easy to read? Is it a normal font or like a newspaper font? If it is regular textbook type font, that is the one I will buy.

I Will wait to hear back from you, thinking of just ordering the regular size book as the one type is too small print and the large print is too big a book to handle. I have a kindle, but would prefer a book version.

Thanks for your time,

H. Herron

Hi! Thanks so much for your question! I would suggest ordering the Kindle eBook version as we have included the ability to zoom the text to a very comfortable size which we think is a great feature. If you would prefer having a book version our large print version is actually a good choice as it is not so large that you couldn’t carry it handily. Let me know if I can be of further help or if you have additional questions. Cheers ~ Eileen