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The CalorieKing’s Tips to Managing Holiday Stress – A Holistic Approach

The holidays can be a stressful time for many.  Whether it is the rush to get things done, the change in routines or family pressures, we can all relate to the feeling that things sometimes get out of control.

Holiday Stress

Stressed During the Holidays?

Managing stress is important, as often it is a key trigger for many of us to overeat.  Whether food is seen as a comfort, a reward, or even as the one thing the family can agree on, it is key to remember that overeating will not solve our problems.  In the long term giving in to that stress trigger can make us lose self-esteem, or feel guilty if we’ve put on the pounds.

And then there is that steep hill to climb to take the holiday weight off.  We can lose motivation once we’ve strayed from our healthy habit routine.

This year, try to focus on what stressors might trigger the urge to overdo with food and make a plan to manage your feelings.  Remember the CalorieKing program can help you stay on track – regularly logging your food, exercise and feelings can provide you with a routine and an outlet to recognize when and why you might stray.

We’ve also put the CalorieKing’s Tips to Managing Holiday Stress list for ideas on how to manage your stress without food!

Social and Creative:  Distract yourself from the pressure.

  • Stay in contact with friends; vent to one another about the highs and lows
  • Prioritize your social calendar; surround yourself with supportive people and say no to negative environments
  • Express yourself in your blog or journal
  • Listen to music that relaxes or energizes you
  • Take time out for your hobby; share or include lonely neighbors and friends

Physical:  Be good to your body!


Take Some Time to Relax

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Take a few minutes each day to breathe slowly, focus, and relax
  • Be mindful of your eating and record your habits
  • Stay hydrated
  • Stay active – find time each day to get moving

Mental:  Take time to tune out.

  • Read a few chapters of your favorite book
  • Challenge yourself with some sudoko or crossword puzzles
  • Watch your favorite holiday movie
  • Let go of smaller, less important tasks and have a nap instead
  • Volunteer with your favorite charity or social group

Emotional and Spiritual:  Reconnect with your inner self.

  • Acknowledge your stress triggers and make a plan to avoid them
  • Set realistic expectations
  • Practice gratitude and giving thanks for what you have
  • Meditate or pray
  • Focus on the positive emotions of joy, peace, compassion and forgiveness

Practical:  Remember you can’t do it all!

  • Make a list to keep organized
  • Delegate tasks and let others know what you need
  • Stick to important routines to eliminate guesswork
  • Give yourself extra time to get things done
  • Determine a holiday budget and stick to it

From the social to the creative, all these areas are interconnected, and work together to complete the picture of your overall well-being.  With this arsenal of de-stressing ideas you can pick and choose something that works for you!  Create a plan of attack and ditch the mindless eating this holiday.  Enjoy yourself instead!

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