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CalorieKing’s Best Choice Foods for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl celebrations don’t have to be scary for dieters!  Even though there are tasty treats around you, if you are prepared with a plan for smarter choices you can come out of it a winner.  Here are our Best Choice suggestions:


Most Super Bowl parties will have a lot of appetizers on offer.  If you can’t make a smart swap then plan ahead to limit portion sizes.

CalorieKing Best Choice:

3 oz. vegetable sticks and 1 oz. fat free ranch dipVegetable sticks and fat free dip.

55 calories, 0g fat and 12 carbs

Instead of:

1 oz. tortilla chips and 1 oz. salsa con queso

176 calories, 21g fat and 24 carbs

You’ll save: 121 calories, 21g fat and 12g carbs.


If you are making hamburgers there are some ways to save on calories.  Choose a lighter ground turkey for your patties and go easy on your condiments.

CalorieKing Best Choice:

1 4 oz. ground turkey pattie and 1 1 oz. roll

234 calories, 9g fat and 14 carbs

Instead of:

1 4 oz. ground beef pattie and 1 1 oz. roll

403 calories, 24g fat and 14 carbs

You’ll save: 169 calories and 15g fat.

Chili:vegetarian chili

Chili is a warm winter-time favorite and great for a large gathering. Go vegetarian this year for a healthier choice!  The extra carbs from the beans provide healthy fiber!

CalorieKing Best Choice:

1 8 oz. serving of vegetarian chili (non-fat, with beans)

174 calories, 1g fat and 32 carbs

Instead of:

1 8 oz. serving of chili (meat and beans)

220 calories, 9g fat and 18 carbs

You’ll save: 46 calories and 8g fat.


Dessert is bound to be on hand and brownies are an easy grab and go party favorite. They can really add calories if we don’t limit ourselves – slice up some beautiful winter apples and dunk them in yogurt instead.  You’ll still feel like you are getting a sweet treat and are likely to feel fuller than with just one brownie!

CalorieKing Best Choice:

1 cup (3.8 oz.) sliced apples and 1 oz. fat free yogurt

73 calories, 0g fat and 17 carbs

Instead of:

1 2 oz. brownie square

112 calories, 7g fat and 12 carbs

You’ll save: 39 calories and 7g fat.


If you choose to indulge in beer – make sure it is a light option.  Moderation is key as the more you drink the more your resolve to steer clear of salty, fatty foods and practice portion control weakens.  If you do drink beer, make sure to also quench your thirst with water along the way.

CalorieKing Best Choice:

1 12 fl. oz bottle Budweiser Select 55 Light Lager (2.4% alcohol)

55 calories, 0g fat and 2 carbs

Instead of:

1 12 fl. oz bottle Budweiser Pale Lager (5% alcohol)

145 calories, 0g fat and 11 carbs

You’ll save: 90 calories and 9g carbs.

For some great ideas on game day recipe makeovers check out our Super Bowl and tailgating recipe guide!

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