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CalorieKing’s Top Super Bowl Survival Tips

Football fans enjoying snacks

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It’s Super Bowl time again when we all gather with a single-minded focus to support our favorite team. Whether we are in front of the TV at home or out at a bar there’s bound to be plenty of food to tempt those of us who have resolved to get healthy in the New Year. In addition to the sheer amount of food, the offerings are likely to be loaded with calories and fat, which we could easily munch mindlessly without a plan.

With that in mind we’ve created some tips to guide you through the minefield of a Super Bowl party and come out safe and smiling.

  • Remember, the mission is to watch the game, not demolish the snack buffet! Several hours of non-stop snacking and drinking can add hundreds of – if not a few thousand – excess calories that could sabotage your dieting goals.
  • Never go to any party on an empty stomach. Hungry people don’t make wise eating choices. Before going, have a snack like an apple together with a higher protein food such as a hard-boiled egg, string cheese, small handful of nuts or yogurt.
  • Quench your thirst on water or low calorie sugar-free soda or iced tea. Importantly, understand that those salty snacks, chicken wings, hot dogs and pizza will likely fuel an insatiable thirst that may last for hours – even well after the game is over. Be warned: you can easily end up imbibing more calories from drinks than from food. Remember, each regular soda, beer or even fruit juice will set you back 150 calories or so. Ideally, avoid salty foods, as well as tomato juice brands with added salt.
  • Go easy on the alcoholic drinks – they are loaded with calories. Alcohol also weakens your resolve to eat and drink sensibly. Have a non-alcoholic spacer between drinks – Beer is often a part of Super Bowl celebrations.ideally water or mineral water. Also go easy on “light” beers which generally have only 25% less alcohol and calories. If there’s a beer keg, use a small glass instead of over-sized tank receptacles. Of course, if you are driving, you have a reason not to drink alcohol at all.
  • Limit food portion sizes by serving yourself on a small plate. Also be aware that when food is served on large serving platters it’s common to serve yourself proportionally larger helpings.
  • Beware of mindless eating and drinking. It’s easy to become so captivated by the game you may not realize you’ve reached the bottom of that tub of nuts as well as a six-pack!
  • Settle into a seat that’s away from the snacks. The same goes for pizza boxes, the plate of wings and nacho platters. Have the water jug within easy reach.
  • Practice saying “no” to food offerings that you do not wish to eat. Decline politely but firmly. Point out a healthier option you’ll try.
  • If hosting a party, be considerate of guests who would prefer lighter food. Make sure plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit wedges, lower-fat dips, reduced-fat crackers, diet soda and sparkling waters are available and set out prominently.  Present foot-long hoagies sectioned out on a platter to offer a smaller portion size. Provide pizzas with lower fat toppings such as extra vegetables, and not overloaded with cheese and sausage meats.
  • Be a good guest…bring a healthy dish! If you know you are going to be attending a party, offer to bring a lighter snack or a recipe makeover.  There are likely to be others that will appreciate an option.  Check out some of our CalorieKing Super Bowl recipes for inspiration!
  • Use a buddy system. If you think you might be too easily swayed to finish off the nachos or “have just one more”, tap a friend to keep a subtle eye on you and perhaps make it a mutual agreement.
  • Upgrade your exercise routine a day or two before the game. Plan your exercise in anticipation of some dietary indiscretions – and maintain it at least a week after the game. Aim for at least one hour of brisk walking each day and do some light weights. Note that it takes a lot of extra physical activity to compensate for those extra food calories. Example: a 12-oz soda or beer requires some 30 minutes of brisk walking to burn the excess calories.

2 Responses to CalorieKing’s Top Super Bowl Survival Tips

Scott Alexander

April 13, 2012 at 6:00 pm

If you are on a diet, you better stay away from alcohol as it can give too much calories. I agree also in the statement of not going to a party with an empty stomach. This is risky because you are not sure if what types of foods will be offered to you in the party or how long these foods will be prepared.

On a cold winter day I can elasiy manage 25000 steps per day without much effort through a combination of exercise and daily life, but in the summer I stuggle to make it to 10000 because I get so hot and thirsty. I genuinely do enjoy it though. Walking briskly gives me a high’, my limbs feel loose like I’ve had a massage and I feel more alert.Boredom is a major factor in whether you’ll fail or succeed. It’s amazing what a difference listening to some good music can make. Good luck!