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You Don’t Have to be a Pro Athlete to be Fit!

The pro athletes we see playing in the Super Bowl are capable of pushing their bodies to the limit.  Clearly these guys are “in shape.”  They train year round to endure the rigors of a pro season.

Perhaps we can be fooled into thinking their level of fitness – or any pro athlete in the sport of your choice – is what we need to aspire to when we start adding exercise into our daily routine.

Woman exercising on ball

Just get started!ily routine.

Not so! We simply need to get moving.

Everybody wants to get fit, but do we all have the same definition of fitness? Not likely.

To break it down, let’s take a few steps back from our individual goals, and simply accept the fact that we are all the same species – humans.

For humans to be fit, we need optimal functioning of two major systems related to activity:

- The Cardiovascular System – Heart, lungs, blood, veins, arteries
- The Musculoskeletal System (MS) – Bones, muscles, joints

Most people do lots of cardio to get fit, but the repetitive motions can give a pounding to bones and joints that is too much.

Cardio may save your life but resistance training makes it worth living.
Put another way, having a health heart and lungs isn’t all that great when it hurts to move.

We do cardio/aerobics to work the cardiovascular system, and resistance/weight training to work the musculoskeletal system. Too much of one, and not enough of the other, and we are out of balance.

Spending time on each method of training ensures that we can have solid, effective movements, and the stamina to do them repeatedly.

All of us, regardless of age, gender, or goals will need to train both the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal system appropriately to be fit..

But what exactly does it mean to be fit? I’ll give you a working definition I came up with years ago and have been using for a while:

Fitness is the ability to do whatever activities you like without having to worry about your body.

Now that you know the two major body systems involved in an effective fitness program for humans, you can begin to tailor your fitness plan to your specific goals at a  level that is comfortable for you.

Jonathan Ross, Fitness Expert