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Show Your Love Without the Calories!

Valentine’s Day is often associated with romantic dinners and chocolates.  If you’ve pledged to work on a healthy lifestyle, be careful not to turn your love into love handles this holiday!Say No to Chocolates

If you or your Valentine are unlikely to stop at one or two and could demolish a whole box in a sitting, make this Valentine’s Day about showing your love without the calories.  Here are some CalorieKing tips to consider:

Spa Treatments

There’s nothing like taking a little time out from the every day and relaxing at a spa. Whether it is a massage for two or a gift voucher for your Valentine to enjoy “the works,” a spa gift is good for both body and mind.

A Good Book

Is your Valentine literary minded? Then the perfect gift is a book. Whether a best seller or something special about their favorite hobby, your partner can curl up and lose themselves in the pages.

Exercise Classes

Have you always wanted to try Pilates? Or perhaps learn to dance? Taking a class together is a good way to get your heart moving in more ways than one!


Cuddle up with a good DVD.  Perhaps you share a classic favorite or even if it is the latest action flick, watching a movie allows you to spend some down time together.

Take on the Chores

If there is a household task your partner is responsible for, offer to take that task over for the day – or even the week!  Getting the gift of getting some leisure time back is always appreciated.

Cooking Classes

Many local culinary shops and schools offer cooking classes. Why not have a date night by whipping up something from a healthy cooking offering.  Or if you are a DIY kind of Valentine, create a meal from CalorieKing’s Recipe Makeovers.

Donate to a Charity

If your Valentine has a favorite charity why not make a donation in their name? This way you and your Valentine can pay your love forward and help others along the way.

Create a Picnic

While it may not be picnic weather yet, give your Valentine the promise of a nice walk to a special outdoor spot and feast on all your healthy favorites. If you don’t want to wait, why not spread a blanket out on the living room floor, add some candles, and you’ve created a romantic treat.

Buy a Magazine Subscription

Whether it is a general interest publication to enjoy just for fun or a magazine about a special interest or hobby, a magazine subscription is like getting a little gift in the mailbox every month.

Plant a Tree

Instead of the traditional gift of flowers why donate a tree planting?  Whether it is a tree that you and your Valentine plant in your neighborhood or a donation to plant a tree in an area that needs reforestation, this is a way your love can live on long after the holiday.  Plus it is great for the environment!

Another great way to get at the heart of the holiday is to pledge your love for each other, by committing to getting healthy. Why not join a weight loss program such as CalorieKing together? Studies show that losing weight is more successful when you have the help of a partner, so consider giving the gift of health!

Do you have an idea for a special Valentine’s Day gift that doesn’t add to your waistline?  We’d love to hear from you!