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Do You Ask Too Much Of Your Scale?

Your Scale is Just A Piece of Equipment

Your scale is good at telling you how much you weigh. But are you asking it to do too much? Are you expecting it to make you happy, lift your mood, set the tone for your day, or establish a CalorieKing Blog - Asking Too Much From Your Scalehigher sense of self worth?

If you are, then you’re asking too much of your scaleit can’t be your friend, your enemy, your mood lifter, or your spirit crusher. All it can do is tell you the total of your weight – your skin, hair, eyeballs, bones, fat, muscle, fingernails, etc. It will never be your friend or your enemy.

It is a piece of equipment, nothing more nothing less. It has no power over you except that which you give it.

A few months into the year and the initial rush of enthusiasm for your weight loss resolutions may be fading. When a daily drop in scale weight tapers off, what will you have left to make you feel good about what you are doing?

Ask Yourself Four Progress Questions

Putting yourself through a workout and then expecting the scale to lift your spirits is missing the point of activity and building healthier habits. Overemphasis on numbers on the scale will lead to more negativity and failure unless you can find a way to adopt a different mindset. Try these 4 Progress Questions to determine how you’re doing – a “yes” answer to two or three of these is a sure sign you’re making real progress:

  1. Do you have increased energy, or do you feel more capable?
  2. Are your clothes fitting more loosely?
  3. Are you starting to like what you see in the mirror?
  4. Are you getting people asking you if you have “lost weight,” or “gotten in shape?” (especially people who are only acquaintances and don’t see you daily)

If you had ample energy to get through the day, were feeling good in your clothes, moved confidently about your daily activities, and were getting compliments from others that you were getting in shape, would you really care if the scale read 100 pounds or 400 pounds when you stepped on it?
(If you’re thinking “yes,” re-read the description in the first part and truly imagine what it would feel like to live that way, then ask yourself again and again until the answer is “no.”)

Focus on Healthy Living Not The Scale!

The source of your frustration isn’t you! There’s nothing wrong with you, just with how you measure fitness. Using an intense focus on the scale to determine success or failure is certain disaster. Instead, focus on the knowledge that you have resolved to healthier living because you wanted to change more than just your weight. You wanted to change all your overall health numbers – whether it’s BMI or blood pressure. You wanted to feel good – and hopefully a few months into the year you are seeing that result.

Jonathan Ross,
CalorieKing Fitness Expert