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Easter Basket Makeovers Help Delete the Sweet

By now the chocolate Easter Bunnies and Marshmallow Peeps have landed in your grocery stores.  There are so many foil wrapped candy treats it’s easy to think there aren’t any other CalorieKing Blog Easter Basket Makeoversalternatives than putting something sweet in that Easter Basket.

But, there is good reason to think twice about what you place in those baskets. Allan Borushek emphasizes: Be aware that a typical Easter basket filled with candy can contain several thousand calories. That’s a huge overdose that could represent the total calorie needs for children for the best part of a week – especially if they are not as active!

CalorieKing is here with some easy alternative ideas to help makeover your Easter giving – whether for children, teens or adults.

What to Give Kids:

Filled Plastic Eggs

Your kids may be expecting the sweet stuff given the hype around the holiday. Use this opportunity to help teach portion control. If you are giving away sweets use the fillable plastic eggs as a portion measure. When they eat one, let them know they have to wait until you say ok before they can tackle another one.

Plus, consider filling these handy eggs with less sweet treats – raisins, chocolate covered fruit or trail mix as alternatives.

Toys and Books

You know what your kids like! Fill their basket with their favorite toys – Legos, beading sets, stuffed animals, art supplies, bubbles, coloring books, Barbies, Hot Wheels, you name it and they’ll play with it. You can even create a theme basket that is sure to get smiles – whether it is a set of pirate, fireman, princess or Dora the Explorer goodies your kids will have something to keep them busy all day.

Outings and Easter Egg Hunts

Consider the promise of some family outings given that spring is on its way. Walking around the zoo would be a great way to get exercise. Or, host an Easter egg dyeing party followed by a visit to a special local park for an Easter egg hunt. If your child has a favorite sport or museum hit the road for a day trip devoted to their interest.

Remember, you can change the tradition from candy to treats of a different kind.

What to Give Teens and Adults:

Books and Music

If you aren’t sure what kind of books, DVDs or music would appeal to your family member don’t forget a gift card goes a long way! Let them browse and enjoy the experience! Or give the gift of dance video games such as Dance Central (Xbox 360) and Wii Fit – you’ll have fun while sneaking in a little exercise as well.

Springtime FruitCalorieKing Blog Easter Basket Makeovers

Springtime means all kinds of seasonal fruits – like grapefruits and cherries – will be coming back into season. If you can’t find some sweet options in your local organic market, consider giving the gift of a fruit of the month club so the treat continues all year around.

Classes and Hobbies

Does your family member have a passion they’ve always wanted to pursue? Perhaps they’d like to cook or take a film class but they’d never think to take a class on their own. Getting them something to help them tap into a dream or hobby will take them by surprise.

The Gift of Time

Offer to take over some of the chores! There are surely little everyday things in the life of your gift recipient that takes up their time when they could relax or treat themselves to something special.

Advanced planning will keep you on the right track with your goals. Staying focused on family and friends can help you stay centered – a good conversation and a laugh can keep you reaching for the chocolate.

We hope you enjoy your springtime celebration!