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Healthy Breakfasts – Key to Your Child’s Health

March is National Nutrition Awareness Month and this week also kicks off National School Breakfast Awareness Week.  Breakfast is an important meal for everyone – but the role it plays in your child’s day is in the spotlight this week.

Why is Breakfast so Important?Healthy Breakfasts Are Key

A good breakfast – particularly one that contains whole-grains – provides the blood sugar boost necessary for formulating the memory booting neurotransmitters acetylcholine. Children in particular need this boost from breakfast to help them function well and think clearly at school.  In fact, research has shown that children who eat breakfast have better school attendance, better grades and have less trips to the school nurse than those that don’t.

In addition to the brain boost, breakfast is important in setting the stage for the meals eaten for the rest of the day. With healthy, satisfying food at breakfast, your child is less likely to head for sugary snacks or eat erratically for the rest of the day.

National School Breakfast Awareness Week Activities

The School Nutrition Organization has created National School Breakfast Week (March 5th – 9th) to help raise awareness about the importance of breakfast. Recognizing that many students fly out the door without eating, they know that breakfast at school may be the only chance for many to get a good breakfast.

Their campaign for National School Breakfast Week offers a wide range of tools and activities for teachers and parents to use to engage children in the benefits of a good breakfast. Especially key are the sample menus and tools to teach children how to choose a good breakfast at school.  Their information is worth a look to see if you can get your child or school involved.

Breakfast at Home

The efforts for National School Breakfast Week are important in raising awareness for those students who eat at school, and with morning being a rush for everyone it is often the go-to resource for your child’s breakfast.

If you want to start working on serving a healthy breakfast at home there are many options for you and your child.  Much like your other meals, if you plan it in advance you might find it easier to pull off in the morning rush.

To help, here are some sample menus of various kinds of breakfasts, but remember, the portion sizes depend on the person and the level of activity they will have during the day.

  • High fiber breakfast cereal (example: Raisin Bran or Shredded Wheat) with low-fat milk, with extra fruit or nuts added (example: berries or dried fruit)

~ or ~

  • Oatmeal prepared with low-fat milk, with extra fruit or nuts added (example: berries or dried fruit)
  • Fresh fruit or fruit juice
Grab and Go:
  • One small container yogurt
  • Fresh fruit or fruit juice
  • One granola bar or piece of wholegrain toast
  • Egg omelet with ½ cup of vegetables added
  • Whole-grain toast
  • Fresh fruit or fruit juice

If your child’s school doesn’t serve a healthy breakfast these are all simple, basic options to boost your child’s brainpower for the rest of the day!

Do you have a favorite go-to breakfast for your busy schedule?  We’d love to hear them and share with others!

4 Responses to Healthy Breakfasts – Key to Your Child’s Health

Fruit smoothie…2-3 different kinds of fruit, some spinach, and a scoop of protien powder. Drink in the car on the way to work!

Love it Chris!!! Thanks for your tip! Leenie, CK Staff

Thank you for such an insformative blogpost! Children should have a proper breakfast to be able to study better and learn more things at school. What is more important is to teach children that to eat healthy is essential for their health.

It depends on the fruit. Bananas are easy bescuae if the skin is brown they are bad. Buy them slightly green and keep them at home until ripe. That way you know they are fresh. i heard you can make them ripen faster by putting them in a brown paper bag.Apples are the best if the skin is shiny.Avicados are the same as bananas. Buy them firm and green and let them ripen at home. Melons are the hardest. Choose the one with the best looking skin with no soft spots.Strawberries you can tell by just looking at them. Also once you have them at home if one gets moldy you sould throw out the whole punnet.