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Eight Tips to Get Fit in the Workplace

We may not consider work as a place where we could get fit – it’s nothing but a rat race of meetings and emails right? Your workday may be packed, but finding a way to fit in fitness is not only Office Workers Exercisefor the sake of your health, it also helps to make work a more interesting, fun and even productive place!

Surprising Benefits:

There are the obvious benefits of getting fit – you are making a positive impact on your health and well-being and that’s the most important thing. But good fitness habits at work – and engaging in a work related physical activity also helps you in other ways.

Getting involved in a fitness activity at work opens you up to meeting new colleagues and developing new working relationships – and you never know when that will come in handy!

Being more physically fit and active has also been shown to increase productivity. Even if your activity is as simple as taking a moment to stretch and breathe deeply, or taking a short walk to help clear your head can help you focus at the tasks at hand. Plus, activity can help lift your mood and boost overall office morale making it easier to face your workday.

Your well-being trickles down to the health of your company. At the very least it means less lost workdays and more productive employees, and that’s good for your company’s bottom line. And we all know what’s good for the bottom line is good for employees in the long term!

Tips to Start Getting Fit at Work:

Here are some tips to get started – you can start small and work your way up to bigger challenges!

  1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  2. Take five minutes each hour to breathe deeply and get up and stretch
  3. Instead of calling or emailing a colleague get up and walk to their desk; not only are you getting moving, you can develop stronger work relationships
  4. Reclaim your lunch hour and organize a short walk with other colleagues
  5. Find a gym buddy – have a colleague join you at the gym before or after work. Their support will help keep you accountable!
  6. Participate in or organize a walk-a-thon or other exercise oriented fundraiser. Challenge your colleagues to help you reach a fitness goal while benefiting a worthwhile cause.
  7. Find a long-term civic project that doubles as a fitness activity such as planting a community garden or cleaning up a playground. You and your colleagues will feel good on all levels!
  8. Join in the company softball or organized sports team. Ask around – if there isn’t an official league some colleagues may plan on teams you could join.

You spend over 40 hours a week at your office so it’s time to start fitting in physical activity where you can! Feeling better and getting fit will help you manage the stress and hectic pace of the office – and can even lead to new friends and fun!

1 Response to Eight Tips to Get Fit in the Workplace

Definitely some useful tips here – even a few small changes in your daily workplace routine can make a big difference to your wellbeing!