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How to Have a Healthy Mother’s Day Meal

May means celebrating Mother’s Day. It’s a day where we all try to give our moms a break by picking up some of the household chores, keeping the noise and mayhem to a minimum and, of woman ordering foodcourse, taking Mom out for a good meal.

No one would dare make Mom cook on Mother’s Day!

For those of us working on developing healthy eating habits, eating out – even for a joyous occasion – feels like a challenge. We live in the real world and not a TV style weight loss boot camp, so we’re all faced with times when we have to make tough food choices.

Sticking with CalorieKing will help you learn the habits to conquer the challenges of eating out. Remember, life is meant for living and enjoying time with family so we’re here every step of the way with helpful tips to help you forget your fears and start having fun.

Plan Ahead:

Review your plan for the day: Adjust your calories as needed to account for one larger meal.

Don’t skip meals: You’ll end up hungry and that can lead to poor food choices at the restaurant. Try a small protein filled snack before heading out – low fat cheese and crackers can help keep your appetite in check.

Check out menu options in advance: Make a plan so you aren’t pressured at the table. The CalorieKing’s online food database has menu options from over 250 locations so we’re a great place to start!

Placing Your Order:

Get rid of temptation: Ask your waiter to skip the free chips, nuts and other pre-meal freebies.

Ask questions and make substitutions: Ask your server about the preparations so there’s no guessing. Make substitutions if need be – for example swap the coleslaw for raw veggies.

Think small: Order an appetizer, small portion or side instead of a large platter or jumbo portions.

Share your meal: Split your meal with a family member or friend. That goes for dessert as well!

Get a doggie bag: If you have a monster-sized portion ask your server to bring you a box or doggie bag with your order. Tuck half away for tomorrow.

How to Make a Good Choice:

Look out for the high calorie preparations: There are key words that will tip you off to a calorie-laden choice. Avoid pan-fried, deep fried, crispy, battered or breaded options. Preparations that are sauteed, au-gratin, cheesy, buttered and creamy also signal higher calories.

Zero in on better options: Better choices are as easy to spot as the bad ones. Look for the words steamed, grilled, broiled, poached or baked. If you don’t see these options ask for these choices.

Get smart about bread: Avoid fatty or creamy dipping sauces often offered with bread baskets; don’t overdo it before your meal shows up. Avoid processed white breads and look for the whole wheat options – whether it is your bread basket or a sandwich option.

Get your fill of veggies: Look for raw vegetables and salads as an appetizer option, and ask for steamed vegetables as your side dish. Avoid deep-fried or sautéed vegetables!

Ask for sauces on the side: When ordering salads or meats specify keeping the dressings or sauces on the side. These can drown a healthy option in calories.

Doable desserts: If others are indulging and you want to join in look for fresh fruit, sorbets and angel food cake options. If you don’t see them on the menu ask your server – restaurants generally have options on hand. If not, ask for a spoon and sample a family member’s choice and you’ll still be a part of the fun.

Eating out for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be a disaster. Planning ahead and asking for what you want will keep you on track and allow you to participate in the celebration.