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See The Calories Add Up with Create-A-Meal!

The Create-A-Meal Game for iPad

At CalorieKing, we’ve always embraced the latest technology to provide access to our trusted food database and knowledge-based program. Our mission is to make it easy for people to learn how to change their habits and make healthy living choices.


Create-a-Meal is also available in Spanish

We know that making a healthy choice can be hard to do when you want to munch on your favorite meals and snacks.  Those calories can quickly the calories add up, and sometimes it is hard to keep track without a visual or interactive reminder to help us better embrace an idea and make a healthy plan. To tackle this, CalorieKing has launched Create-a-Meal, a unique and easy-to-use educational game to help you quickly see the calorie, carb and fat counts from any combination of your favorite foods.

Users can play around by adding and removing hundreds of foods and food combinations for a fun, hands-on way to see the whopping difference some choices can makes to your total daily intake.  Create-A-Meal also contains tips from dietitian Allan Borushek, so you’ll learn to make smarter food choices… in a unique and playful way!

In this first release Create-a-Meal features McDonald’s and the most popular foods from vending machines. Over the next few months we’ll add foods from many more restaurants, seasonal events such as a summer BBQ’s, holidays and much more!

At CalorieKing, our mission is to make it easy for people to learn how to change their habits and make healthy living choices by providing the innovative ways to access our trusted food database, expert advice and knowledge-based weight loss program. We hope you’ll enjoy Create-a-Meal, the latest addition to our collection of unique and easy-to-use tools.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences!

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