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Fair Foods – Calorie Catastrophes Revealed!

We all love going to our local, county or state fairs. The people watching, the rides, the exhibits and, of course, the food. The smells are hard to avoid and the brightly colored stalls draw us closer to see what all the fuss is about. And there is a lot of fuss. Every year we hear about some new popular fair food that promises to outdo everything we’ve seen before.

The problem is these foods are by and large, going to put a massive dent in your daily calorie intake and in some cases exceeds it.  CalorieKing has done some research on fair food treats and our estimates (as each preparation and sizes vary from fair to fair) confirm your instincts that these fair foods should be look and don’t touch!

O.K., we’re just like you and we want to have fun with friends and family. So if you go to the fair look for what you know will be healthier choices – things like grilled meats and vegetables. As our gallery below shows, these fair foods are pretty darn tempting. If you find you want to indulge in a treat we’ve listed the calories so you can be aware of the impact. Plus, we have an entire list of strategies on how to approach these treats in our companion article “How to Conquer Your Fear of Fair Foods.”  You’ll can and will be food wise before you hit the midway!

Calorie Catastrophes…You Won’t Believe These Fair Foods!

CalorieKing Fair Food

CalorieKing Fair Food

CalorieKing Fair Foods

CalorieKing Fair Food

CalorieKing Deep Fried Kool Aid

CalorieKing Deep Fried Klondike Bar

CalorieKing Fair Foods Deep Fried Mars Bar

CalorieKing Fair Foods Deep Fried Oreos

CalorieKing Fair Food Deep Fried Twinkie

CalorieKing Fair Food Funnel Cake

CalorieKing Fair Food Kettle Corn

CalorieKing Fair Food Krispy Kreme

CalorieKing Fair Food Onion Flower

CalorieKing Fair Food Peach Dumpling

CalorieKing Fair Food Deep Fried Spam

More Fair Food Choices

So you’ve seen the some of the worst that fairs have to offer and hopefully knowing the huge calorie and fat counts will help you remember to steer clear of them – no matter how tempting they are. There are other fair food choices, that we’ve listed below. To be fair, these foods have their fair share of calories, fat, sodium and sugar. If you choose from any item here just remember portion control, writing down your food intake and all your regular habits. Most of all, enjoy!

Popular Fair Food

Calories Fat (g)
Specialty Drinks
Shakes, avg. 16 fl. oz. 690 33
Slushie, 16 fl. oz. 260 0
Soft Frozen Lemonade, 12 fl. oz. 300 0
Sno-Cone (incl. 3 oz. syrup) 270 0


Calories Fat (g)
Corn on the Cob, 8”, 16 oz., no butter 200 1
Fry Bread, plain, 7”, 3.7 oz. 390 19
French Fries, 7 oz. 560 24
French Fries, 10 oz. 645 38
Popcorn, 6 oz. 900 48
Soft Pretzel, 4.5 oz. 340 2


Calories Fat (g)
Chicken, 15 oz. (one half) 740 24
Chicken Taco, 3.3 oz 210 12
Chicken Nuggets, 6 340 17
Corn Dog, Jumbo Size, 6 oz. 375 21
Cup of Chili 280 11
Hamburger, 1/2 lb. 7.5 oz. 670 41
Hot Dog, Foot Long 470 26
Personal Pizza, 7” 670 24
Philadelphia Cheese Steak,13 oz. 680 36
Plain Turkey Leg 1135 54


Calories Fat (g)
Candied Apple, 7 oz. 330 0
Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana, 5 oz. 240 4
Cotton Candy, Large 2.25 oz. 250 0
Dippin’ Dots, 6 oz. cup 380 20
Frozen Yogurt, small in sugar cone, 14 oz. 475 2
Fudge, 1.5 oz. 200 11
Ice Cream, small in sugar cone, 10 oz. 775 42
Strawberry Crepe, 4.5 oz. 280 14
S’more on a Stick 275 16

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