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How to Have a Fun and Healthy Fall Season

There’s a certain smell in the air, kids have gone back to school and we’re all starting to hunker down as the chilly weather begins. It’s a time where some of us on our journey start to worry about being tested by the comfort foods of fall and a change in our exercise habits.

We know the change in seasons can be hard, so to help we’ve compiled some ideas on how to have a fun and healthy fall!

It’s A Great Time For Healthy Eating!A Day in the Pumpkin Patch

  • Pumpkins are in season and they’re not just great for carving! They are rich in beta-carotene and potassium – and don’t forget the seeds which are loaded with magnesium and taste great toasted!
  • Fall means the apple orchards are bursting. Apples are rich in vitamins such as, beta-carotene and B complex vitamins, as well as protective antioxidants. Include them regularly in your meals. They are also perfect for your lunch boxes and afternoon snacks.
  • Don’t forget your greens! Kale is packed with vitamins A, K and C. It’s also high in potassium and iron. Looking for a new healthy fall green to try? Make it Brussels sprouts. They are a virtual storehouse of nutrients and antioxidants including vitamins K, A and the B complex, not to mention iron.
  • Winter spices add comforting flavors to food, and researchers are finding they can be good for you. For example, scientists are studying turmeric – that yellow spice often found in warming curries for its potential to help prevent cancer and Alzheimer’s. And, a recent study from Penn State University found those who consumed two tablespoons of cinnamon in their meals had 30% lower levels of blood fats! While you may not be able to include two tablespoons, just remember it as a key flavor for your fall recipes.


Are you wondering how these nutrients and antioxidants help your body? Visit

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Fun Fall Exercise

  • Remember the pumpkins you will be adding to your healthy but comforting diet and carving into jack-o-lanterns? A great way for you and your family to have fun is to head to the pumpkin patch yourselves. Walking around searching for the perfect pumpkin is a fantastic way to sneak in some exercise.
  • Why buy apples from the store? If you live near an apple orchard it’s another opportunity to take the family out for exercise disguised as a great adventure!
  • There’s nothing like enjoying the fall colors. Take the entire family for a trail hike, or perhaps get away from it all on a special date walking through your local park.
  • The cooler weather is also a great time to pursue some of your favorite activities outside now that you can do so without the uncomfortable heat. Hiking, cycling, jogging, walking the dog, tennis, yoga – you name it and a sunny, fall day is perfect for it.
  • Even if your schedule has you too busy for a planned activity, try stepping out at lunchtime and walking about the block or your office complex.


Here’s a great resource from the National Park Service to help you find your local park: Find A Park

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