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Give the Gift of Health

The holidays are coming and while it can be a time of feasting for many, others are focused on their health needs – either now or for their New Year’s Resolutions.

If you know your giftee is interested in healthy living and well-being but they haven’t told you what they might need, here is a handy little list of some gifts they may appreciate.

After you’ve landed on an idea, make sure you take your giftee’s health or experience level into consideration (are they starting out or a workout veteran?). Then head do your research to find out the best model for their needs – you can ask questions in forums or go to a trusted source like Consumer Reports for unbiased, tested information.

You’ll love the light that comes into the gift recipient’s eyes when they realizing you are thinking beyond just material gifts by getting them something that will help their commitment to healthy living.


Consider step counters, heart rate monitors, new bathroom scales, kitchen scales, fitness DVDs or a Wii Fit as a surprise!


With dozens to choose from ranging from exercise tracking and pacing, or all over fitness monitoring like Nike Fuel Band there is something for every exercise level. Plus, CalorieKing has several free apps to help you track calories in your every day foods or uncover how much your next fast food meal will set you back.

Workout Clothes:

Everyone with a fitness regimen needs the right kind of clothes. Everything from comfortable yoga pants to properly insulated outdoor running jackets, or a new pair of shoes is sure to be appreciated. Not sure of the size or style? Cut out a picture of the item you intend for them to buy and enclose it with a gift card.

Workout Equipment:

There are plenty of things that can help a workout along. Think of fitness balls, hand weights, stretching bands or yoga mats. Even if your giftee already has one, it could be they are due for replacement. Again, a gift certificate can help if you aren’t sure what they might need most.


Nothing helps a workout along like a good playlist. If you know what they like, just pick up a cd as a stocking stuffer. Otherwise a gift certificate to your favorite MP3 site will be a huge hit.

Gym Membership or Personal Trainer:

If you know the gift recipient would like to step up their routine or needs individualized instruction to get started a gym membership or personal trainer would be a truly thoughtful gift. Tour gyms in advance to decide what may be right, get recommendations on a personal trainer from friends or get a recommendation from the American Council on Exercise via their trainer finder tool.

CalorieKing Membership:

If your gift recipient is just starting out on their journey towards healthy living and would like a greater understanding of nutrition and fitness – along with a diary, expert advice and supportive community you can always purchase a CalorieKing membership. We would love to have both you and your gift recipient become join our program.

Have a happy, healthy holiday!