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Reader Question Answered: Fall/Winter Workouts

We love to take reader’s questions and try to provide resources and insights to guide you on your way. We’ve fielded this very timely question from one Facebook Fan:

Q: When the weather turns to fall and winter, should I workout at a gym or at home?

A: Great question! We’ve done some research to get to the bottom of wintertime workouts. Depending on what fitness level you have, and your personal preference will determine whether you work out at a gym, at home, or even outside! Each form of exercise will have its pros and cons – the key is to pick one which most appeals to you so you’ll keep moving!

Here’s are some tips to help you decide:

Workouts at Home:

• It can save time. If you don’t have the time to pack a gym bag and drive to the gym, popping in a DVD, downloading a video or firing up the Wii Fit could be perfect for you. You’ll have more time to fit in your workout if you can roll out of bed, stretch and get started!
• It’s private. If you aren’t ready to face a crowd of gym bunnies or stand in line for a treadmill, you can get started on exercise in your own home until you are ready to hit primetime.
• It gives you options. Today’s fitness market is full of items that help you exercise at home. Everything from yoga mats and hand weights to treadmills and resistance trainers are available for you to choose from.

Workouts at the Gym:

• It can keep you motivated. The gym can be perfect for those who might want some extra motivation. A trainer can set you up with a plan for you to follow and improve upon. Don’t forget you are also making a commitment by paying fees that you wouldn’t want to waste, and you will also be focused environment dedicated to exercise to keep you on track.
• You can benefit from specialized equipment. If you are looking to maximize workouts, or feel like you aren’t sure if you are performing a move correctly you can find someone to help guide you with the specialized equipment on hand.
• Join a class: Going to the gym can be great for finding a class where you can try something new – yoga, Zumba, you name it. There are plenty of organized activities you might love.

Workouts Outside

• You can enjoy nature. As fall descends your workouts on your bike, trail or in your park can be enhanced by the beautiful scenery and brisk weather.
• You can take up a new sport. If you need a change in your routine, winter brings unique sports with it that are generally around only once a year. Skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and sledding are all things you can try with your family and friends; you’ll have some fun while burning off calories. Just remember to be careful to dress to avoid hypothermia and be aware of the time spent outside.

Hopefully these tips will help get you thinking about where you’d like to get started with – or even make a change to your fitness routine. The most important is pursing fitness where you’ll be able to start at a level that is most comfortable to you physically and emotionally.

Perhaps the most important tip for starting exercise is to consult a fitness trainer if you are able. They can assess your individual abilities, make a plan and track your progress. Plus, you can usually meet with them anywhere that suits you.

Be sure to check out our resources below to find tips on finding a trainer, tips on staying healthy while exercise during the fall and winter weather and more!