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How To Resist The Tricky Treats This Halloween

With so much candy everywhere you look, it can be tricky to resist the treats. The key to surviving a holiday without binging on ‘Jelly Eyeballs’ and ‘Candy Corn’ is preparation, starting with these five simple tips.

  1. Keep trigger foods out of the house
    What are the foods that trigger you to overeat? White chocolate? Licorice? Whatever it is, don’t bring it into the house. If you get sweets for trick or treaters, buy them at the last possible moment and never your personal favorites. That way you might have one, but you’ll probably be able to walk away from the rest of the bag.
  2. No food is forbidden
    Just because you keep your trigger foods out of the house, doesn’t mean you won’t face temptation. The candy bowl at work might beckon you. But don’t make a food completely off limits! Once you do that, it can become an obsession. The lure of the forbidden fruit might become so strong that you’ll binge in a weak moment.
  3. Enjoy & downsize
    If you do decide on a treat, measure out a small portion on a plate or in a bowl and put the rest away. Eat slowly, without distraction (never in front of the TV!) and relish every bite. When you eat mindfully, you’ll see that a smaller portion will be enough to satisfy your craving. Remember; treats are not for filling your stomach. The value of your treat will decrease with every extra bite you have.
  4. Fill up on healthy meals
    Trying to resist treats on an empty stomach is like bringing a torch to a powder keg. To prevent this, fill yourself and your kids up on a balanced dinner with (leafy) vegetables, whole grains, lean protein and good fats. That way you’re far less likely to go overboard on your sister’s homemade chocolate Witch Hats. The same strategy goes for feeding your kids before they head out trick or treating!
  5. Inedible celebrations
    Who says a treat needs to be a sweet? The kids who ring your doorbell will probably be more than happy to find a fake tattoo, plastic vampire fangs or glow-in-the-dark ghosts along with the candy in their goody bag. That way they don’t get the sugar overload and you keep binge risks out of the house!