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Author Archives: Pat Fiducia

Pat Fiducia is Chief Operating Officer of CalorieKing Publications. She is also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) with a specialty in weight management. Pat owned her own weight management center, treating hundreds of overweight clients with a comprehensive program that encompassed nutrition, fitness and behavior change. MFTs are licensed mental health professionals who work with individuals; couples whether or not married; families of all types; and groups to cure or relieve mental, emotional, and relational concerns of all kinds. MFTs have minimally acquired two-year masters degrees, 3,000 hours of supervised experience, and have passed two rigorous exams.

What is Mindless Overeating and How Do We Stop It?

Mindless overeating is a huge stumbling block to sticking to our weight loss resolutions because it’s habitual. We do it over and over. Food is the last thing on our mind and by the time we do take notice, the overeating has taken its toll in added weight and loss of confidence in our ability to achieve our goals. We'll give you advice on how to stop it.