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Your Eating Style And Your Health

Your Eating Style and Your Health

Eating styles contribute to weight and health problems more than most people realize, which is why standardized weight-loss plans often fail. Here are the styles that encompass most people:

  • Snackers
  • Erratic Eaters
  • Emotional Eaters

Eating styles have to do with when, where, and how you eat – and often eating style can really get in the way of your health goals.  We’ve compiled some fix-it tips for each style; many of us might have traits from more than one style so be sure to check out all the tips to see what fits for you.


Snackers rarely sit down to a proper meal, and if they do, they usually pick at it! They eat a little bit of this and a little bit of that throughout the day as they are on the move.  Because intake is a little at a time, often these people perceive they aren’t eating much at all.Midnight Snacking

The big problem with this kind of eating is the small snacks begin to add up and can often be “empty calories.”  Many snacks don’t have sufficient protein to keep hunger at bay, so high-carb snackers are always foraging for something more to eat.

The Snacker Fix-It Plan

  • Structure Your Meals.

Eat three meals a day (including breakfast) with enough protein and fiber to give you the feeling of fullness to carry you to the next meal. This will prevent you from mindless snacking and prevent you from thinking you never get a proper meal. Read More »

CalorieKing’s Tips for Winter Exercise – Staying Motivated and Safe!

Many of us find winter to be a challenging time to stay on top of healthy habits. Between holiday festivities and warm, comforting food it is more important than ever to stay focused – especially with your exercise.

Though it’s colder and darker, getting outside can be a really great way to keep things fresh after feeling cooped up inside.  Remember to check with your doctor first as some conditions such as asthma, heart conditions or diabetes where extremities are at risk can prohibit activity in the cold.


A Family Outing

If you are finding it hard to adjust to the season, let’s talk about finding the motivation to get out the door.  Once you are there, let’s remember to stay safe!


Be Creative – If you are bored with the same old grind at the gym try mixing up your routine with an outdoor winter sport.  There are countless of snow sports if you have plenty of white stuff around – skiing, snow-shoeing and more.  If you don’t have the snow, you can still hike or even head to the rink to ice skate.  Or, try mall walking when the weather is bad.

Remember the Season – Be aware of the holiday season; remember you will be surrounded by excess food and alcohol.  Stay conscious of how this might affect your health and well-being.  Make short term exercise goals an outlet for the excess and stress of the holidays.  Think about looking good and feeling good for all your events.

Think Big Picture – Remember warmer weather is just a few months away and all the heavy, bulky clothes will go back in a box. Think about what having to shed excess winter weight would do to your overall health goals – not exercising now could make the hill harder to climb when spring comes around.  Focusing on your long term goal is great motivation! Read More »

The CalorieKing’s Best Choice Holiday Foods

The holiday season means good food – often too much of it!  But you can avoid weight gain during the holidays with careful menu planning and sensible eating.  Get a head start with our suggestions below:

Healthy Snack

Vegetable Snacks: Best Choice!


Appetizers and pre-dinner nibbles can add substantial calories to your holiday calorie intake. Also, be aware that salty foods and snacks can make you thirsty; a problem if you quench your thirst with calorie-laden soda, fruit juice or alcohol.  Be sure to keep water within reach!

CalorieKing Best Choice:

3 oz. vegetable sticks and 1 oz. fat free ranch dip

55 calories, 0g fat and 12 carbs

Instead of:

1 oz. regular potato chips and regular ranch dip

280 calories, 20g fat and 17 carbs

SAVE: 225 calories, 20g of fat and 5g carbs! Read More »

Ask The Calorie King!

For those of you who may be new to CalorieKing, Allan Borushek a.k.a The Calorie King is a dietitian with over 30 years experience in clinical dietetics and community health education.  He is best

The Calorie King

Allan Borushek, The Calorie King

known for his famous Calorie Counter books.

It is his passion for nutrition and health education that brought CalorieKing to life, and he has educated millions of people on smart food and lifestyle choices.

We know there is nothing like getting answers straight from the Calorie King himself – and there is nothing he likes better than hearing directly from all of you!

Please submit your questions for the Calorie King via the comment section on this page.  The Calorie King will choose several questions – or categories of similar questions – to answer each month.

Allan looks forward to hearing from you!

The CalorieKing’s Tips to Managing Holiday Stress – A Holistic Approach

The holidays can be a stressful time for many.  Whether it is the rush to get things done, the change in routines or family pressures, we can all relate to the feeling that things sometimes get out of control.

Holiday Stress

Stressed During the Holidays?

Managing stress is important, as often it is a key trigger for many of us to overeat.  Whether food is seen as a comfort, a reward, or even as the one thing the family can agree on, it is key to remember that overeating will not solve our problems.  In the long term giving in to that stress trigger can make us lose self-esteem, or feel guilty if we’ve put on the pounds.

And then there is that steep hill to climb to take the holiday weight off.  We can lose motivation once we’ve strayed from our healthy habit routine.

This year, try to focus on what stressors might trigger the urge to overdo with food and make a plan to manage your feelings.  Remember the CalorieKing program can help you stay on track – regularly logging your food, exercise and feelings can provide you with a routine and an outlet to recognize when and why you might stray.

We’ve also put the CalorieKing’s Tips to Managing Holiday Stress list for ideas on how to manage your stress without food!

Social and Creative:  Distract yourself from the pressure.

  • Stay in contact with friends; vent to one another about the highs and lows
  • Prioritize your social calendar; surround yourself with supportive people and say no to negative environments
  • Express yourself in your blog or journal
  • Listen to music that relaxes or energizes you
  • Take time out for your hobby; share or include lonely neighbors and friends Read More »

CalorieKing’s Top 10 Tips for Beating Holiday Weight Gain

For those focusing on a healthy lifestyle, the holidays can seem packed with pitfalls.  The parties, the rushed schedules, the festive food, and cold weather seem to hit us all at once, and the spectre of weight gain looms as an unwanted gift.

Weight Gaine

Worried About Holiday Weight Gain?

The truth is the holidays don’t have to send you spiraling out of control.  Life is meant for living and you can enjoy the best of what the holidays bring.   To get through the large celebratory meals, just prepare in advance with a special strategy.

Stay on top of things by keeping your CalorieKing Calorie and Fat Counter close at hand, and use these CalorieKing Top 10 tips for Beating Holiday Weight Gain to help you build your plan now:

  • Think 90/10: Don’t deprive yourself completely, or your holidays will be miserable.  Aim to eat healthy 90% of the time and then look at your “treat” foods as something to really savor and enjoy in moderation.
  • Don’t Go Hungry: Eat regular meals – including a good breakfast!  Eating at regular intervals will keep your blood sugar at even levels so you don’t “crash” and feel sharp cravings.  It’s when we crash we are most vulnerable to making poor choices.  The same goes for parties or special meals – don’t head out the door hungry or you may be tempted to overdo.  Eat a healthy snack before you go. Read More »

What Happens AFTER Weight Loss?

I’m not anywhere close to reaching the maintenance stage.  I’ve still got a good 15 lbs. left to go.  But, I think about maintenance all the time.  I know it is a topic many of

our members think about.  It’s that point after you’ve reached that number you’ve set for yourself and you think, “Well.  What now?”

I have been there before.  I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and I remember when I hit my goal.  It felt a lot like after you had opened all your gifts on Christmas – there was a lot of excitement but I didn’t know what to do or where to start.

For me so many questions and issues came to mind when I thought about maintaining my new self.  Perhaps you’ll recognize some of them: Read More »

Weight Loss “Tricks” – My New Secret

While cruising the internet the other day I came across an item on Yahoo talking about the strange tricks that people use to curb their eating.  It ran the range from painting your kitchen blue

(apparently blue signals to the brain you aren’t hungry) to tying a belt or ribbon tightly around your waist so that as you eat you’ll feel stuffed sooner.  I thought “wow.”

These things all sounded so strange to me – especially coming from CalorieKing where we advocate a steady as she goes calories in/calories out method.  Our mantra is logging your diet and exercise, and getting to know your habits so you can change them over time rather than a quick fix or fad diet. Read More »

Depression, Low Self-Esteem and Talking Out Loud About It

I read a great article today from Dr. Andrew Weil where he talks openly about his experience with depression.  I was impressed that someone in such a public venue would talk about it, and welcomed it as a validation for my personal wish that more people would talk about it.

Why do I wish more people would talk about it? First, I wish I had heard more people talking about it when I suffered from depression. Secondly and more importantly, I see so many people struggling and suffering with it and I want them to know they are not alone.

What triggered my period of depression isn’t important.  What is, is talking about how I felt.  I was tired, crying, and couldn’t focus.  I was even pissed off that I couldn’t intellectualize my way out of it. Reason, sadly had flown out the window. Read More »

Surprise! A Healthier Me

Like so many others, my unhealthy habits and weight gain crept up on me.  After having a pretty dramatic surgery I found the scale heading north with increasingly larger numbers.  Call it medication

issues, call it comfort eating, call it lack of exercise… it’s all jumbled up into one complicated mess.

So now I’ve started to unravel that mess.  I have reached that tipping point where I get that my unhealthy habits are within my control – that the comfort I believed food brought me was an empty promise.  I have been eating healthy meals and have been building back to exercise slowly over the past month.  Small steps, but an important turning point in my mental approach to weight loss.

Here’s my issue – despite the positive habits I’ve not seen much movement save for an ounce or two on the scale.  I am confident I’m not the only person who has ever felt that frustration.  I just can’t seem to move the meter. Read More »