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Small Steps – What Does That Mean?

When starting a healthy lifestyle program like CalorieKing, you’ll probably hear us talk about “taking small steps.”  Why do we talk about small steps, and what exactly are they?Small Steps

First, for some like me it’s small steps that got you off track in the first place.  It was that extra muffin each day and avoiding getting up from the computer when work gets too busy.  Each of these small things became a habit that ended up with big lifestyle miss-steps.

Add to that, expecting to make a big change in a short time can be overwhelming – and unrealistic – for most of us.  Jumping in to the deep end of the pool definitely earns us credit for effort and intention, but can you keep treading water forever hoping to see a change?   Expecting something big to happen and not seeing big results are a sure way to lose motivation and fall off the wagon.  I’ve been there.  Many times. Read More »

Understanding and Managing Food Cravings

Before reading this blog, spend a few minutes thinking about your most recent food cravings.  Here are some questions that could help you remember and focus on those cravings:

  • What were you craving?
  • What conditions seemed to promote or create that craving?  For example, did you smell something very appealing?  Did you see something on TV or in a magazine that prompted it?  Was it quite a while ago when you had your last meal – before this craving hit you?
  • How strong was the craving?  Rate it on a scale from 0= none to 100= felt compelled to get this food immediately, even if it meant stopping everything else in my life to get it right now, regardless of cost or difficulty. Read More »

Small Steps to Starting Exercise

Sun Salutation

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Those of you who know me will recognize the term “small steps.”  It’s what I tell people to focus on when starting a diet and fitness regimen.  If you start small – especially if you are new to exercise, you conquer achievable steps and can feel great about it.  Soon, you start building up bigger challenges and will end up with new, healthy habits you can maintain.

When thinking about starting exercise, the first thing to do is talk to your health care professional. They can provide any special instructions to keep in mind.  They may even have a form of exercise they think would work best for you. Read More »

The Diet Soda Dilemma

Diet soda has been in the news recently with a report claiming these drinks may leave consumers at risk for an increased waist and elevated glucose levels which could lead to diabetes for those at risk for the disease.  So should we stay away from diet sodas as an alternative to the sugary sweet sodas?

Diet Soda

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The study, performed by the University of Texas Science Center at San Antonio looked at the consumption of diet soda over a period of over a period of two decades.  One of the findings was that those who consumed over two diet sodas per day experienced an increase in waist circumference that was 500 hundred times greater than those who didn’t consume the soda! Read More »

Don’t Let Travel Derail Your Diet!

Life is meant for living, and we should be able to travel without the spectre of extra inches added to our waistline.  We can and should enjoy our holidays, and trying new things – including food – CAN be a part of it.   Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind as you prepare:

CalorieKing Travel Tips

  • Make a daily plan. If you choose to splurge somewhere just keep in mind where you are going to make it up – either through diet or exercise. Before leaving, use the CalorieKing Food Database to study the calorie content of common foods you are likely to encounter along the way.  You can find healthier options – even at fast food chains. Read More »

Potatoes: Friend or Foe of the Waistline?

French Fries

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The media has been abuzz about a recent report in the New England Journal of Medicine linking long-term weight gain to certain food items, and weight loss to others.  Potatoes! They cried with the fervor previously reserved for a witch trial.  It seems potatoes have been highlighted as one of the culprits for long-term weight gain.  Other culprits were sodas, butter, refined grains and desserts.  The additional weight gain over four years ranged from one pound to 3.35 pounds.

So why were potatoes singled out in this study?  It seems those who consumed french-fries and potato chips showed spikes in weight gain, compared to the lowly spud boiled or mashed which only added about 1/2 pound to weight over the same period.  Why? Let’s take a closer look: Read More »

Health and Fitness: It’s More than Just Fitting Into Your Jeans


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Have you ever wondered why the CalorieKing program focuses on changing lifestyle habits?  The reason is simple.  Fad diets focus on quick fixes to shed pounds – and often you see people employing these tactics to look good for just a special event.  There is no big picture.  But is this viable?  We don’t think so.  CalorieKing understands health and fitness isn’t just about losing pounds, but rather gaining a better quality of life.

The idea of a the bigger picture of healthy living is one shared by the World Health Organization (WHO).  WHO defines health as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely being the absence of disease or infirmity.”  That is a significant statement.  It means that being healthy just doesn’t mean “I’m not sick,”  it means you have quality of life. Read More »

The Motivational Tipping Point

The Motivational Tipping Point

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There is a silent partner in any diet and fitness plan.  Sure, you will be changing the food you eat and or starting back up on regular exercise.  However it is important to recognize the silent partner that makes all of this work is motivation.  You can’t make any of these changes happen unless you make a commitment to making the changes.

I’ve found motivation to be an interesting ingredient.  As I observe people in their healthy living journey – or in taking up any challenge really – I’ve realized motivation is not a fixed element.  And that’s a good thing.  The way you feel about yourself at the start – what motivates you to pick up and make a change is a need.  You NEED to make something happen.  In the case of a weight loss journey often you tell yourself, “OK, I need to eat more vegetables today,” or “I need to hit the gym.”  Your motivation is about making change, and it is and must be powerful.  You approach your tasks like a warrior and you repeat that mantra to arm yourself. Read More »

Summer Food Safety: Food Poisoning is no Picnic

No matter how healthy the food at a summer BBQ or party, there could still hidden dangers – only not to your waistline.  The heat and humidity can turn your favorite foods into veritable petri dishes. With a staggering rise in food poisoning and related illnesses during the summer months, make sure you are taking the proper precautions to keep your friends and family safe from those unseen food borne bugs.  Here are some CalorieKing tips: Read More »

CalorieKing’s Summer Recipe Guide

CalorieKing's Summer Recipes

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With the summer BBQ and backyard party season upon us, the best thing for calorie counters is to meet these food oriented gatherings with a plan.  One good way to stay on top of your plan is to prepare low calorie meals for your spread or to share when invited elsewhere.  Who doesn’t like a guest with a yummy dish to share?  We’ve got you covered for all kinds of dishes from dips to desserts – and speaking of dessert, you HAVE to try the strawberry cheesecake bites…. Read More »