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Tips for Summer Drinks…Avoiding the Calorie Overload!

When it’s hot out and you are enjoying yourself with friends and family at a summer gathering It’s easy to unwittingly consume excessive calories with drinks. Not only do some drCalorieKing Blog Mint Teainks contain more calories than we think, salty barbecue foods and snacks can also create a huge thirst. Before you know it we’ve had more soda or juice than our calorie allotment for the day can bear.

It’s important to stay properly hydrated during the hot summer months so don’t shy away from liquids, just be sugar and salt aware. By keeping these factors in mind you can plan what you are going to drink in advance. Here are some tips to keep in mind: Read More »

CalorieKing’s Summertime Drinks Calories Guide

Summertime is here and as we look for a beverage to sip, it is important to remember that not all beverages are calorie and fat free! If you are drinking anything other than water, make sure to check the calories present in your favorite drink so you can plan for it in your daily calorie count. Read More »

What Is Causing Calorie “Discrepancies” When I Count?

We’ve received many questions from our audience asking why their calorie counts sometimes differ from CalorieKing. Here’s some insight as to why the “4-9-4″ rule that is often used to Calorie Questions - CalorieKing Blogcalculate calorie values can sometimes add up to different calorie counts from what is automatically calculated in the CalorieKing program. Read More »

CalorieKing’s Summertime Foods Calorie Guide

With summertime upon us, BBQs and outside celebrations seem to pop up all the time. While some foods are high in calories and sodium, eating at a summertime celebration doesn’t have to wreck your diet. With our special CalorieKing Summertime Foods Guide you can easily review various categories of food you are likely to encounter to check the nutritional information and make a sensible plan.

Print out this handy chart and put it somewhere handy, and you’ll be able to easily handle any summertime party. Enjoy the summertime living! Read More »

BBQ and Summertime Food Recipe Make Overs

If you are worried about what to eat during summer festivities why not help out your host by bringing a healthy recipe makeover to the party? Or better yet, browse CalorieKing’s full collection of recipe makeovers and throw your own party! Read More »

Healthy BBQs: What to Choose, What to Avoid

The summer BBQ is a tradition for warm weather gatherings. For those of us working on our healthy living goals, walking in to a picnic table filled with food can seem like a challenge – but CalorieKing members are the masters of planning ahead so we can meet our goals.

We thought it was time to share our healthy choices with you! Read More »

Is Your Scale a Game Changer?

You were diligent in your dieting efforts, following all the rules of the game – working out, eating the right amount of calories, recording your food.  You body feels better, your clothes fit better, you know that you lost weight and you felt great about that, but then you stepped on the scale….and all of that changed.  The number was higher than you thought it should be.

In an instant your sunny mood turned cloudy. You become frustrated and de-motivated, believing that following the rules of the game is really not worth it. In response to these feelings, you may decide to overeat. After all, why diet when it doesn’t produce results? Read More »

Beat Summertime Weight Gain by Planning Ahead

CalorieKing’s Healthy Summer Eating

Even though it is sunny and bathing suit season, sometimes summer time weight gain can sneak up on us. It’s so frustrating and can be hard to figure out why we get stuck at this time of year.

Summertime CelebrationsThe CalorieKing Blog BBQ

Often we can forget that summertime is filled with as many celebrations as we have during the winter. And food is always part of any gathering.

We have Memorial Day, Fourth of July, weddings, BBQs, picnics, fairs, sporting events and of course our yearly vacations. As we snack while we have fun in the sun, it’s easy to see why we can pack on extra weight. Read More »

When Willpower Doesn’t Work: Get a Weight Loss Buddy

Summertime gatherings are tough for those of us trying to stay healthy. There’s always a pile of food and a group of friends ready to hand me a plate or a drink, not realizing I struggle with keeping my calories within my daily allowance.

I’ve heard a lot of people say to me, “You simply must have willpower.” Or “just learn to say no.” Intellectually I get it – I carry the responsibility for my choices to keep things on track. I’ve read (and even written about) all the various strategies one should consider before hitting a big gathering with food.

I’m going to share something that will likely not come as a surprise to some of you. Knowing you need to say no, or pay attention to what you are eating is much different than actually doing it. Moving from knowledge to practice is a hard part of changing habits, and when you are at a festive summer gathering there is plenty to test you. Read More »

CalorieKing’s Summertime Food Safety Tips

The weather is finally getting warm and beautiful so naturally we are headed outside to enjoy it with picnics and BBQs. Often we can get so wrapped up in planning and having a good time we forget about food safety practices.

The heat and humidity can go to work on our favorite foods turning them into potential time bombs for food borne illnesses if we aren’t careful. It just takes some awareness and CalorieKing Blog Family BBQpreparation to keep your friends and family safe from a stomach bug.

Staying food safe isn’t hard. Just plan ahead and take some precautions so you can enjoy your celebration without worry. We have some simple tips to guide you. Read More »