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When to Exercise: Consistency is Key!

Many people debate the best time of day to exercise – is one time or another better for calorie burn? We all hope there is a magic answer in order to get us to our weight loss goals more quickly. The truth is most sources agree there is no significant data that shows the time of day a person exercises makes a difference in the efficiency calorie burn.

So what does this mean for our exercise schedules? Read More »

Tone Up for Summer in Five Minutes a Day

CalorieKing’s Tips to Tone Up

One of the best ways to start or  continue an exercise program, is to make it easy to fit into your daily schedule. For this reason, five- or ten-minute workout plans are an excellent way to improve your fitness. You will get much better results by exercising for a short period of time regularly, rather than doing an intense workout once a week. And, while it may seem very obvious, you get much better results if you actually do an exercise program, rather than just think about it! Read More »

CalorieKing’s Best Selling Calorie Counter Featured in HBO’s Weight of the Nation Documentary

The problem of obesity and its related illnesses has become so prevalent that it’s become part of the national discussion. HBO kicked off the Weight of the Nation Project, aimed at first educating about the obesity epidemic and then taking on the issue by working with partners to reach out to the community with ways to confront pre-obesity and obesity in our own lives.

Here at CalorieKing, we are proud that our #1 best-selling Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter was featured in the second episode at the 11 minute mark as a resource for participants. Our easy to use (and to carry with you) book provides nutritional information to help people learn about the nutritional impact of their food decisions. It was a natural fit with the documentary’s goals. Read More »

See The Calories Add Up with Create-A-Meal!

The Create-A-Meal Game for iPad

At CalorieKing, we’ve always embraced the latest technology to provide access to our trusted food database and knowledge-based program. Our mission is to make it easy for people to learn how to change their habits and make healthy living choices.


Create-a-Meal is also available in Spanish

We know that making a healthy choice can be hard to do when you want to munch on your favorite meals and snacks.  Those calories can quickly the calories add up, and sometimes it is hard to keep track without a visual or interactive reminder to help us better embrace an idea and make a healthy plan. To tackle this, CalorieKing has launched Create-a-Meal, a unique and easy-to-use educational game to help you quickly see the calorie, carb and fat counts from any combination of your favorite foods. Read More »

Wendy’s 30 Day Challenge

Editor’s Note: We’d like to give a warm welcome to Wendy Post, a CK Staffer who is passionate about healthy living! She’s got fitness on the mind this month and would love to tackle it with you! yogaPutting Excuses Aside

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do or learn, but just… haven’t? I’ve wanted to be fit for years, but I’ve never committed myself to reaching this goal. Enough is enough. I’ve decided to hit the pavement every day for a month. What would you like to try for 30 days?

The inspiration for my challenge –and it is challenging indeed for a naturally lazy person like myself to leave my warm nest half an hour earlier- came from blogger Matt Cutts. He tries something new every month, something he’s always wanted to add to or subtract from his life. One month he gave up sugar, another he went vegan and another he rode his bike to work… and loved it! I’m already wondering what to try in June… the possibilities are endless!

The idea appeals to me; 30 days is not too long and still sounds like enough time to form a new habit. Putting all excuses aside, I can make room in my schedule for a half hour run or walk and I might even notice a difference on the scales! And if I keep this up, I can proudly say that May 2012 was Wendy’s Month of Improved Fitness.

First steps:

May 1st, 6.30am. My alarm clock wakes me up and for a while I don’t even know why I’ve been so crudely awoken so early. Then I see my workout gear that I neatly laid out beside the bed the night before. I’m deeply tempted to crawl back into the covers, but decide that I won’t be able to look at myself in the mirror if I don’t at least give my challenge a go. So out of bed I stumble and head out, stiff and chilly in the morning air. After a brisk walk warm up I sprint and walk in intervals and cool down for the last few minutes. And goshdarnit; when I come back all sweaty half an hour later, I feel pretty darn good about myself. My mind is fully alert, my shower is more refreshing than usual and I feel I’ve really earned my poached eggs and yogurt! I hope I’ll still feel this way in two weeks.

So these are my first steps on the path to reach my goal. I’ll keep you updated over the next 30 days to let you know how I’m doing. What have you always wanted to try? I’d love to know! Share your plan below in a comment and let me know if today is the day that you start YOUR 30 day challenge. We can keep each other motivated. The next 30 days are going to go by no matter what… let’s make them memorable!

~ Wendy, CK Staff

How Much Do You Know About Strokes?

On average every 40 seconds someone in the United States suffers from a stroke. Strokes are the fourth leading cause of death and a leading cause of disability in America. Despite the toll it stroketakes on our society many of us don’t know what they are or what the warning signs might be.

Let’s get educated on strokes.

Can I Prevent a Stroke?

A stroke is a blockage or rupture of the blood vessels that feed the brain.  Given that it affects blood vessels it is easy to see the connection with high blood pressure and pre-hypertension. It’s important to check your blood pressure early and often to make sure you catch any dangerous trend you and your doctor should be aware of. Read More »

Eight Tips to Get Fit in the Workplace

We may not consider work as a place where we could get fit – it’s nothing but a rat race of meetings and emails right? Your workday may be packed, but finding a way to fit in fitness is not only Office Workers Exercisefor the sake of your health, it also helps to make work a more interesting, fun and even productive place!

Surprising Benefits:

There are the obvious benefits of getting fit – you are making a positive impact on your health and well-being and that’s the most important thing. But good fitness habits at work – and engaging in a work related physical activity also helps you in other ways.

Getting involved in a fitness activity at work opens you up to meeting new colleagues and developing new working relationships – and you never know when that will come in handy!

Being more physically fit and active has also been shown to increase productivity. Even if your activity is as simple as taking a moment to stretch and breathe deeply, or taking a short walk to help clear your head can help you focus at the tasks at hand. Plus, activity can help lift your mood and boost overall office morale making it easier to face your workday.

Your well-being trickles down to the health of your company. At the very least it means less lost workdays and more productive employees, and that’s good for your company’s bottom line. And we all know what’s good for the bottom line is good for employees in the long term! Read More »

How to Have a Healthy Mother’s Day Meal

May means celebrating Mother’s Day. It’s a day where we all try to give our moms a break by picking up some of the household chores, keeping the noise and mayhem to a minimum and, of woman ordering foodcourse, taking Mom out for a good meal.

No one would dare make Mom cook on Mother’s Day!

For those of us working on developing healthy eating habits, eating out – even for a joyous occasion – feels like a challenge. We live in the real world and not a TV style weight loss boot camp, so we’re all faced with times when we have to make tough food choices.

Sticking with CalorieKing will help you learn the habits to conquer the challenges of eating out. Remember, life is meant for living and enjoying time with family so we’re here every step of the way with helpful tips to help you forget your fears and start having fun. Read More »

The Truth About P90X

(Editor’s Note) Our fitness expert Jonathan Ross is out there in the trenches with folks just like you and me looking for workouts that fit our needs and motivate us. Through the eyes of a Strength Trainingcertified trainer, he takes a look at the latest fitness trends and products to take us past the hype and give us some real, honest opinions. Here’s his take on the popular P90X program:

I’m always getting asked about fitness products, and I always give straight answers on what works, what doesn’t and everything in between. Below are some of the most common questions I get asked about a popular program P90X, and the truth about what you need to know before you consider ordering and using a program like this.

1. What makes P90X different from other workout DVDs?

There are many different types and intensities of exercise shown. Most DVDs and programs focus on one type of exercise or one type of equipment, and it’s up to the individual to integrate the workouts into whatever else they may be doing for exercise. The variety keeps the workouts from getting boring and can help prevent injuries from doing too much of one exercise.

2. What should I know about it before ordering?

It’s a big commitment – both financially and time-wise! Twelve DVDs plus the program manual isn’t cheap. Also, get your schedule ready for 90 minutes of exercise five to six days per week. If you can devote that much time to exercise, it almost doesn’t matter what program you follow, you’ll get results. I’ve rarely met people that find the prospect of such a big time commitment realistic.

There’s nothing magical about “muscle confusion” – it’s a term created by P90X, not an idea created by P90X. To describe what every entry-level trainer has known for decades: without a varied stimulus to the body, it is difficult to make long-term progress. You’ve got to force the body to change. The only thing revolutionary about “muscle confusion” is the term itself. The concept is an old one.

3. Any precautions about who should be doing the program (is it safe for everyone?), how to execute it safely, etc.?

If you know how to listen to your body it can potentially be for anyone. New exercisers will need to make the movements easier at first. In general, it’s for younger people (teens, 20’s and 30’s) who are exercising already but not getting great results from their time and effort. Just jumping in and following everything at full intensity if you haven’t already been exercising is not going to be a wise choice.

4. Is there anything I should do before I begin the program to be more prepared?

Make room in your schedule – can’t stress this enough. The time commitment on this program is more than most people typically say they have available for exercise.

5. Anything I should do (either during, before or after) to get the best results from the program?

Plan on getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night, eating small, frequent meals that are high in veggies and fruits and taking a fish oil supplement In addition, either schedule a deep-tissue massage every two to three weeks or spend some time on self-massage with a tennis ball, foam roller or other similar device. Your muscles will need it!

Remember: Progress from fitness isn’t from the workouts – it’s from the body’s ability to recover from a workout.

6. Any advice for when I’m performing the workouts to help me get the most benefits?

Feel free to modify any exercise for your body, your injury history and your goals. There’s nothing magical about doing everything exactly as someone else does it. Know your limits, and push them. However, know that the risk of overdoing it is common with this ambitious program.

7. Anything I should not do while performing this program? Is there anything that will sabotage my results?

Don’t feel pressure to do all the sets and reps at the highest intensity shown. Listen to your body and know that during a workout, it can be easy to get “in the zone” and overdo it. Then a few hours later, you’re hurting – and not in a good way. Intense muscle soreness is from a poorly executed workout. A little soreness lets you know you had a challenge, but very sore or painful muscles need to recover before getting hit hard again. Even if you have to take an extra day or two of light exercise to recover and skip a workout or two, that’s fine if it is what is best for your body.

8. Are there any other things you think i should know about P90X before I begin? Or tips/advice on how I can see the best results while completing the program?

The over-the-top delivery style of the workout leader on the videos can get irritating after multiple viewings. After one or two times through and you have a good idea of the moves, try following the videos with the sound down while you’re listening to your own motivating music.

Jonathan Ross

CalorieKing Fitness Expert

The Importance of Exercise and Weight Control

We talk a lot about how your diet affects your weight loss. It’s important to remember exercise is also key in weight loss and management. Persons who exercise regularly lose more weight and man walkingkeep it off longer than non-exercisers. Here are some brief notes to keep in mind:

• Exercise also improves general health and well-being. Mood, confidence and self-esteem are enhanced by a sense of control and accomplishment.
• Exercise is a good way to ‘wake up’ a sluggish metabolism and burn extra fat tissue.
• Aerobic (huff and puff) exercise most days is great for burning calories and for cardiovascular fitness. But, it is strength training that mainly builds the muscles that burn calories even while we sleep. Read More »