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Easter Candy Calorie Counts

From foil wrapped bunnies to marshmallow peeps, we’ve got calorie counts for all your Easter basket favorites. Having the counts in one handy place should help you plan your portion control! Read More »

Springtime Holiday Recipe Makeovers

The start of spring often brings families together to celebrate. Whether it is Easter or another family gathering you CAN enjoy good food.  We have a wide range of CalorieKing recipe makeovers for holiday brunches, lunches and everything in between. Read More »

Smart DIY Snack Packs

It’s 10am, breakfast has come and gone and lunch is still miles away…CalorieKing Blog Smart Snacks

You’re tempted to grab a snack, but you think should just ‘tough it out’ and wait till lunch. Munching on a muffin would be an unhealthy choice, but a healthy snack is a powerful tool in losing weight and staying healthy. A smart snack between meals helps keep your blood glucose (sugar) steady, keeps your energy up and prevents overeating at lunch or dinner.

The keys to smart snacking are preparation and portion control. We’ve listed some easy-peasy ideas for delicious DIY snack packs. These snacks are around 100 calories each and fit into anyone’s daily food plan. So grab some plastic baggies and let’s pack a snack! Read More »

Easter Basket Makeovers Help Delete the Sweet

By now the chocolate Easter Bunnies and Marshmallow Peeps have landed in your grocery stores.  There are so many foil wrapped candy treats it’s easy to think there aren’t any other CalorieKing Blog Easter Basket Makeoversalternatives than putting something sweet in that Easter Basket.

But, there is good reason to think twice about what you place in those baskets. Allan Borushek emphasizes: Be aware that a typical Easter basket filled with candy can contain several thousand calories. That’s a huge overdose that could represent the total calorie needs for children for the best part of a week – especially if they are not as active!

CalorieKing is here with some easy alternative ideas to help makeover your Easter giving – whether for children, teens or adults. Read More »

Do You Ask Too Much Of Your Scale?

Your Scale is Just A Piece of Equipment

Your scale is good at telling you how much you weigh. But are you asking it to do too much? Are you expecting it to make you happy, lift your mood, set the tone for your day, or establish a CalorieKing Blog - Asking Too Much From Your Scalehigher sense of self worth?

If you are, then you’re asking too much of your scaleit can’t be your friend, your enemy, your mood lifter, or your spirit crusher. All it can do is tell you the total of your weight – your skin, hair, eyeballs, bones, fat, muscle, fingernails, etc. It will never be your friend or your enemy.

It is a piece of equipment, nothing more nothing less. It has no power over you except that which you give it.

A few months into the year and the initial rush of enthusiasm for your weight loss resolutions may be fading. When a daily drop in scale weight tapers off, what will you have left to make you feel good about what you are doing? Read More »

Are You Trigger Happy?

Get to Know Your Food Triggers

If you are like most dieters, you’ve experienced the joy of success and the disappointment of failure.  You’ve lost weight, gained it back, lost it, just to gain it back again. It seems to be an endless cycle – but it doesn’t have to be. You can end the cycle.

Consider that one of the reasons for this on-again, off-again cycle could be that you have given all of your attention to what you eat and not why you overeat.

Paying attention to what you eat is essential to losing weight; however, you can’t stop there.  To keep the weight off, you need to identify and be in command of your triggers.

Trigger Overview

Ever wonder why:

You always eat popcorn at the movie even if you aren’t hungry or don’t really like movie popcorn;CalorieKing Blog Trigger Happy

Whenever you’ve had a difficult day and feel helpless and frustrated, you have a (seemingly) uncontrollable urge to eat foods that comfort you;

You must have a chocolate chip cookie when the aroma wafts through the mall, even though you are dieting and you went to shop, not eat;

Understanding Triggers

The reason you eat in response to these or similar situations is that you are responding to a trigger.  A trigger is any food, situation, or emotion that cues you to eat even when you are not hungry, or to overeat when you are full. These triggers seem to beckon you to “eat now”. Don’t think; just eat.

Every time you eat in response to a trigger, you are strengthening the power of that trigger.

Triggered overeating can be confused with mindless overeating, but it is actually a bit different and more complex.  Both are primarily about eating without full conscious awareness; however  triggered overeating is an habitual (conditioned) response to certain foods, emotions, social settings, while mindless overeating is more about simply not paying attention to what you are eating. Read More »

Unrealistic Expectations and Goals

Are Unrealistic Expectations and Goals a Blueprint for Failure?

Unrealistic expectations and goals are a one-way ticket to disappointment, frustration, self-doubt and failure. Research shows that setting your weight loss standards too high increases the risk that you may just give up altogether. Why try, when you can’t succeed?

Recognizing the Unrealistic:

If you have unrealistic standards, it’s likely that you don’t recognize them as such.

Here are some examples. See if you can relate to any. Read More »

Is Your Personal Trainer Bullying You?

CalorieKing Blog - Is Your Personal Trainer Bullying You?I’ve seen it all the time on TV – trainers screaming at someone to finish that last minute on the treadmill or in a person’s face picking away at a person’s psychology regarding their fitness level. Because at the end of the show there are radical transformations, I found myself thinking “Maybe I need that kind of approach to boost my fitness levels.”

So I tried a personal trainer. In fact, I’ve tried several. I started with a trainer that admittedly advertised himself as a drill sergeant.  I was convinced that if I had a Biggest Loser-esque trainer that it would make a difference. It did end up making a difference – I was scared to go workout.

Skipping Sessions…The Slippery Slope

This trainer stood three inches from my face at all times pushing me and correcting me every step of the way. While it never quite came to it I often felt threatened – if I didn’t do what he said (regardless of my pain and suffering) he might kick my butt. Read More »

Deba’s CalorieKing Success Story

At CalorieKing we are so proud and deeply moved by our members’ successes. We often ask our community to nominate another member whose story has inspired them.

This time it is “Deba’s” turn. She had such a profound change in her thinking along with her weight loss journey that she has given speeches on the subject to students.

We are delighted she’s shared it with us:

Deba’s StoryCalorieKing Blog - Deba's Story

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve lost a fair amount of weight, but not a single student has mentioned it to me. I want to share some of my story with you, showing that it’s o.k. to acknowledge and talk about this. I’ve been overweight since before I started school, and first introduced to Weight Watchers in the 5th grade. I’ve lost and gained back over 100 pounds three other times in my adult life, eventually giving up the fight close to 15 years ago. Fortunately, I never developed any serious medical problems linked to obesity. But that’s not the case for some of my friends, who because of health issues, opted to have weight loss surgery. As wrong as it sounds now, I was really angry at them for choosing surgery as a solution. Not because they were taking care of themselves, but because it forced me to wake up and do something about my own weight, or risk getting left behind. Truth be told, I didn’t want to be the only fat person left in my family and circle of friends.

Since I wasn’t willing to have surgery, and had failed at dieting many times before, I was determined to figure out what I needed to do to succeed. I really wanted to know the difference between people who diet just to lose weight and people who live a healthy lifestyle, consistently making good choices because it’s who they are at their core. That’s who I wanted to be. So I went after it. I found people like that in my life and studied them. I picked their brains trying to figure out what they had that I didn’t have. Sure enough, through observation and conversations, I figured it out. Keep in mind that everyone is different. For me, it came down to two things: self-respect and the ability to trust. Two things that were taken away from me at a very early age. Once I figured that out, I was able to move forward.

CalorieKing Blog - Deba's Story

The Power of Self Respect

The self-respect piece came to me like this. Last January, I started working out with a trainer. As soon as I met him, I told myself that I was going to do whatever he asked me to do. Anything less than that would be disrespectful. Three months later another person at the gym offered to help me with my eating. I did the same thing. I immediately gave her that same level of respect. Then a light went off. I looked back through my life and realized that this was a pattern for me. Why was I so willing to give these two people, who I barely knew, respect that I wasn’t giving to myself? Improving my health and fitness wasn’t about them. It was about me, and I needed to take responsibility and start making better choices out of respect for myself. Read More »

Healthy Breakfasts – Key to Your Child’s Health

March is National Nutrition Awareness Month and this week also kicks off National School Breakfast Awareness Week.  Breakfast is an important meal for everyone – but the role it plays in your child’s day is in the spotlight this week.

Why is Breakfast so Important?Healthy Breakfasts Are Key

A good breakfast – particularly one that contains whole-grains – provides the blood sugar boost necessary for formulating the memory booting neurotransmitters acetylcholine. Children in particular need this boost from breakfast to help them function well and think clearly at school.  In fact, research has shown that children who eat breakfast have better school attendance, better grades and have less trips to the school nurse than those that don’t.

In addition to the brain boost, breakfast is important in setting the stage for the meals eaten for the rest of the day. With healthy, satisfying food at breakfast, your child is less likely to head for sugary snacks or eat erratically for the rest of the day. Read More »